Festival Quiz

The festival quiz asks you about some of the sights of the Ouseburn which you’ll see during your visit to the Valley.

Entrants have a chance to win a £30 gift voucher for Seven Stories. The questions are below, and paper Question Sheets are also available, to be picked up from the Ouseburn Trust (Arch 6 on Stepney Bank) or from Ouseburn Farm (between Cluny and Ship Inn). Completed entries can be placed in the box in the Farm. Closing date is Friday 12th July.

1: The Biscuit Factory
How many life-sized divers are suspended from the ceiling in the centre of the gallery?
2: Ouseburn Farm
How many lambs were born at the farm in the spring?
3: Byker Road Bridge
There is a plaque on one of the arches outside The Ouseburn Farm.
What year was the bridge built?
4: The Cumberland Arms
What does it say on the round plaque above the front door?
5: Seven Stories
What is the name of the exhibition on the 5th Floor of Seven Stories?
6: The Toffee Factory
Have a look inside. How many toffee tins are in the Reception area?
7: The Cycle Hub
Go into the Hub. What is the Wi-Fi password displayed on the Chalk-board?
8: IGLOO Airstream Cruiser
Take a look inside. How many spotlights are there in the ceiling?
9: Tyne Bank Brewery
What colour is Professor Brainstorm’s top?
10: The Victoria Tunnel
What year was the tunnel built?

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